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Mao  Bio 1Mao Zedong Biography 1893-1949 ( 毛泽东传 (1893-1949) )

Mao  Bio 2Mao Zedong Biography 1949-1976 ( 毛泽东传 (1949-1976) )

Guan Feng Compilation (关锋文编)

Chen Boda Compilation (陈伯达文编)

Deng Xiaoping Selected Works, I (邓小平文选, 第一卷)

Deng Xiaoping Selected Works, II (邓小平文选, 第二卷)

Deng Xiaoping Selected Works, III (邓小平文选,第三卷)

Liu Shaoqi Opposes Mao Zedong Thought: One Hundred Examples

(刘少奇反毛泽东思想 言论一百例)
Qinghua University "Jinggang Mountains" Press Kunming Division,
(清华大学 “井冈山”报社昆明分站), 1967.

Yang Xianzhen (杨献珍), My Philosophical "Crime"(我的哲学"绎案") , Beijing, 1981.

This is Yang's account the the "Two Combine Into One, One Divides Into Two (合二而一, 一分为二)" controversy of the mid-1960s and of his imprisionment during the Cultural Revolution and subsequent rehabilitation. For materials in English on this controversy, see the One Divides Into Two page.

Contents      pp. 1-28        pp. 29-60     pp. 61-82
pp. 83-112   pp. 113-124 pp. 125-141 pp. 142-146
pp. 147-160 pp. 161-165 pp. 166-184 pp. 185-212
pp. 213-225 pp. 226-251 pp. 252-273 pp. 274-295
pp. 296-308 pp. 309-326 pp. 327-334 pp. 335-340
pp. 341-368 pp.368-390

Kang Sheng Critial Biography Zhong Kan, Critical Biography of Kang Sheng ( 仲侃, 《康生评传》)

 'One Divides into Two' and 'Two Combine into One' Ai Hengwu and Lin Qingshan [艾恒武 林青山], " 'One Divides into Two' and 'Two Combine into One' " [ "一分为二与"合二而一"]

Guangming Daily, 5/29/1964 (《光明日报》, 一九六四年五月二十九日 )

Hongqi Selected Essays from Hongq ("Red Flag",《红旗》), 1958-79

Wenshizhe Selected Essays from Wenshizhe ("Literature, History and Philosophy"),《文史哲》杂志文章选萃 (1951-2005)

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