Articles on Topics in Marxist Philosophy

"Paraconsistency and Dialectical Consistency" by Jindrich Zeleny, 1994

"Concerning the Laws of Contradiction and Excluded Middle" by V. J. McGill, 1939

Exerpts from "Marx, Renouvier, and the History of Materialism" by Olivier Bloch, 1971

"Jean Piaget and Marxist Philosophy" by A. J. Durak

"The Concept of Non-Antagonistic Contradiction in Soviet Philosophy" by Thomas Weston, 2008

"Marxism, Philosophy, and the East/West Question" by Gary Tedman

The difference between North Korea's "Juche" philosophy and dialectical materialism, by Kim Jong Il, 1996

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"La lucha del hombre con los elementos de la naturaleza"

("Man's struggle with the natural elements")

Mural by Lino Enea Spilimbergo (1896 – 1964)


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